Standard home and property inspection fees are listed below may be adjusted based on Square Foot, desired inspection criteria & applicable taxes.

Home Inspection Packages for: Buyers, Sellers, New Construction & 1 Year Warranty Inspections

Standard Home Inspection Package – Starts at $329 (cost adjusted per SF)

2-3 Hour inspection covering all major systems including:

  • Foundation
  • Roof & Framing
  • Doors & Windows
  • AC, Heating & Ventilation
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Major Appliances

The Hardy Boys Difference – Our standard home inspections also include:

  • FREE Foundation Measurements/Survey (one measurement per room)
  • FREE Thermal Imaging (Infrared) Scans
  • FREE Contractor & Specialist Referrals (upon request)
  • FREE Sprinkler System Inspection
  • FREE Option Period Repair Estimates (upon request)

Additional Services & Third Party Service Fees

WDI (termite) Inspection – Starts at $100 (cost adjusted per SF)

  • 30-45 minute WDI (termite) Inspection on average
  • WDI (termite) inspection report
  • Offers for discounted annual warranties and treatments

Water Quality Testing/Sampling – $100 (sample taken Monday – Thursday AM additional fees apply for Friday-Sunday Testing)

  • Water sample taken from kitchen or bathroom sink
  • Tests for bacteria including e-coli and coliform
  • Same test performed by local water utility providers

Well Inspections – $150

  • Visual Inspection of the well cap and set back distances
  • Identification of pump switch size & working pressures
  • 5-10 minute flow test to establish GPM’s

Mold Inspections – Call for pricing

  • Indoor air quality samples taken
  • Sampling suspect visible mold growth areas
  • Collecting additional samples/data as necessary
  • Detailed inspection report & findings explained to client

Septic Inspections – Call for pricing

  • Septic tank contents are pumped and removed
  • After septic tank is empty the interior of the tank is inspected
  • Visual and functional inspection/testing of septic system
  • Detailed inspection report & findings explained to client

New Construction Phased Inspections – Call for pricing

  • Phase 1: Foundation Pre-Pour Concrete Placement Inspection
  • Phase 2: Pre-Drywall Inspection
  • Phase 3: Final Inspection

*Additional inspections between phases can be conducted upon request

Project Oversight & Inspections – Call for pricing

  • Overseeing/inspecting contractors & re-modelers for owner projects
  • Construction project status reports and/or damage reports

Annual Maintenance Inspections – $200

  • Covers A/C, Plumbing, Electrical, Roof & Foundation
  • This is your homes annual doctors appointment

HVAC System Air Flow & Diagnostics Testing – $200 for one unit ($100/ea additional unit)

  • Performed by Licensed HVAC Technician – West Austin Air Conditioning
  • Verify your HVAC system will adequately heat/cool your home
  • Test supply air grilles for adequate air supply
  • Suggestions for recommended improvements provided if applicable

Foundation Survey – Free with home inspection ($200 without home insp.)

  • Identifies potential unseen structural problems
  • Provides a baseline survey for a newly constructed home
  • If signs of foundation movement are observed in the future, the foundation can be surveyed again to identify any areas that have moved since the last survey
  • Newly constructed homes typically include a 5-10 year foundation warranty from the builder and this survey can be critical to proving the foundation has moved if a warranty claim is ever submitted in the future

Thermal Imaging (Infrared) Scans – Free with home inspection ($200 without home insp.)

  • Most home inspectors charge extra for this service
  • Many property inspectors do not provide this service
  • Thermal imaging can identify unseen deficiencies
  • Critical in analyzing the energy efficiency of the home

Pier & Beam Inspection – $100 with home insp. ($200 without home insp.)

Irrigation (sprinkler system) Inspection – Free with home inspection ($200 without home insp.)

Pool/Spa Inspection – $150 with home inspection ($250 without home insp.)

City of Austin Short Term Rental (STR) Inspections – Call for pricing

If you have any outstanding questions about our home and property inspection costs, reach out to us today!