At Hardy Boys Inspection Service, we believe in offering a better experience and a better product. That’s why we offer the most complete home inspections in Georgetown at a fair price. We also offer a long list of additional home inspection services beyond our standard package for those that need them. 

Georgetown Home Inspection Package

Our standard home inspection package is a two to three hour inspection that covers all major systems including your foundation, roof, framing, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, and more. We include everything the other guys do and so much more. Our standard home inspection package also includes free thermal imaging scans, free foundation measurements, and a free sprinkler system inspection because we believe in offering our customers the best. You won’t find a more comprehensive home inspection package anywhere else in Georgetown. 

Georgetown Home Inspection Additional Services

We also offer many additional home inspection services at Hardy Boys because we understand that sometimes you need something different than a standard home inspection. If you need your pool inspected, your home inspected for termites, or your septic system inspected, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of other inspection services so you can get the exact service you need. We even offer water quality testing to check for dangerous bacteria. 

Schedule Your Georgetown Home Inspection

If you are in need of a standard home inspection or any of our additional inspection services, contact Hardy Boys Inspection Services today. Our inspections will help you identify any issues and can help prevent future unexpected problems in your home’s electric system, foundation, and other important areas. Schedule your Georgetown home inspection today.